Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Beauty Within

I love fashion simply because it reminds me a lot of God. You don't know how He is going to work things out, but when it comes together it is simply remarkable. As stylists (hair, makeup or wardrobe) we have images and ideas that we create in our heads and we're unsure how the look will come together, but once our ideas are manifested there is nothing that can replace that feeling. It is an encounter with God!

I tell my clients all the time, to trust me. I would never send anyone out looking less than their best. Not only are you representing yourself, my brand, but most importantly God. He is my boss and He is who I answer to.

Everything that we do (thoughts, actions) are controlled by our mind. The mind is the center of our decision making. As a stylist it is my goal to capture what you feel about yourself and add flair to what is already beautiful. It doesn't matter if your rocking the latest trend, if you have low self-esteem and are harboring bitterness in your heart.  God views us all as beautiful and unique. We are all made in his image, which is why fashion reaches all sizes, ages, and nationalities.

Not only am I a wardrobe stylist, but I am an encourager, motivator and an image builder. Follow my eye on fashion - it's 20/20 @StylingPurpose.

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