Thursday, March 27, 2014

Clap Along - Getting Your Own on Your Own Terms

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines happiness as the state of being happy : an experience that makes you happy. It continues by describing happiness as 1. obsolete: good fortune: prosperity 2a: a state of well-being and contentment: joy 2b: a pleasurable or satisfying experience. In a world full of uncertainties, heart aches and failures I ask the simple question, what does happiness look like to you?

For me happiness is walking in my purpose or should I say styling in it. It is fulfilling my God given purpose in life which is to encourage, uplift and empower. Happiness is moving to the beat of my own drum. Loving others, allowing myself to be loved and knowing that I am worth loving, this is happiness. Spending time with my family and friends, going to the movies, traveling, going to the beach (Yes I am a Miami Girl AKA a Beach Babe) and celebrating  my parents is a prime example of happiness to me. 

With happiness comes freedom. Freedom to be who God created you to be. Freedom to be comfortable in your own skin. When I was single and not dating, I would often take myself out on dates. My reasoning for this was that I needed to like and love LaShannon before any man could love me.

I must admit obtaining this freedom was not easy task. There was a time that I was  highly concerned about the opinions of others. Through the Purpose Circle, my Lifestyle Etiquette Coach LaQuisha Williams helped me in this area. These last couple of months God has been speaking to me and telling me that there is ONLY an audience of one. "It is what you do for me that is important, LaShannon." It is so easy to get caught up with what your family and friends believe you should do with your life or the choices you should make. According to my Bishop happiness is external and joy is within. Happiness is determined and controlled by your environment: people, circumstances, etc.  My declaration for 2014 no matter what my circumstances indicate is that I am walking in love, peach, joy, happiness. style, prosperity and favor!

American singer-songwriter, record producer and musician Pharrell has swept the nation with his song "Happy." I challenge you today to complete the three step happy challenge: 1) Take a couple of minutes and think about what makes you happy. 2) Create a list. 3)Take each day to complete at least one item off this list. 

*clap along if you know what happiness is to you* Singing, "Can't nothing bring me down...Cause I'm happy."