Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Feelings, Navigation & Singleness

A lot has transpired in my world since my last blog post of catching flights and not feelings. Let me fill you in!

I celebrated Black History Month at the NoMi Fest with artists: Chantae Moore, 112, Teenarr, Crystal Waters and Az Yet and enjoyed a wonderful evening of live music and good company! 

NoMi Fest photos by Godfrey Mead @jr_photo

Rolling over into the month of March and it was as busy as it could be! I worked the 14th Jazz in the Gardens Music Festival presented by the City of Miami Gardens and was afforded the amazing opportunity to meet one of my favs - fellow Rattler Rashan Ali from Sister Circle, Stephanie Mills and so many other boss babes. 

The 2019 Jazz in the Gardens


Women's Impact Luncheon                            Stephanie Mills


       Behind the Scenes                        With some of the Cox Media Personalities

Got my groove on, as if I lost it lol at Groove Thang Miami with the T.R. L. Group. Good vibes all around!

Groove Thang at Lounge 35 in Midtown Miami

Took Momma Petit to the Miami Open for her birthday and while I searched for Qai Qai, we watched Venus Williams win her match at the grandstand. We were even blessed with stadium tickets. Won't He upgrade you!

Miami Open 2019 | Hard Rock Stadium

   Living my Best Life            Searching for Qai Qai

As I work through my feelings and navigate this season of singleness, I am adamant about not allowing my relationship status to prohibit me from enjoying life. People always say to me that your everywhere Lala. Yea, I'm everywhere I'm supposed to be! I can't sit home and sulk. I can't afford to. There is too much life and love inside of me to be dormant, sad or depressed. The biggest lesson that I've learned through this season is that God would not hold anything good from you. If He hasn't released it maybe it's not good for you or the right time for it! I have been friend zoned soooo many times. Too many to count, but every single time I have witnessed God's overwhelmingly protection over my life. He loves me so much that He doesn't give me what I want, but gives me what I need at the exact moment that I need it! The very thought of this brought tears to my eyes and further solidified His love for me. Maybe you're friend zoned because you just need a friend. You need to know that there are good people in this world that are still single, emotionally available and on the market looking for you and me. Give it some time!

I'm maneuvering through this single season and it's not easy folks! Sometimes I'm empowered, other times I'm disappointed and confused, but through the process I have learned to put my full trust in God. I have released how I felt it should play out, how it should look and with whom I thought it should look like with. I'm learning how to date as a believer, as a woman who knows her worth and value. I'm setting boundaries. Fighting for what I deserve and not allowing someone else's confusion or dishonesty stop by purpose. I will continue to create moments, go where I am celebrated, wanted and where love resides. 

Have you ever been in a situation where someone has confessed that they like you, but not ready to be in a relationship and months later their in a relationship and not with you! Go figure! In this instance being in your feelings is understandable, but staying there is not. Sometimes the past comes back for another chance. Exploring it may feel fearful, but maybe God gave you another opportunity, because now is the time for that relationship!

While at Groove Thang Saturday night, my line-sister asked me when am I going to get married. That's the BIG QUESTION! I replied, I'm not sure LS, but I am sure that God is preparing me for it and it for me!

On Sunday, March 31 my parents will celebrate 35 years of marriage. They are my relationship goals, because they have stood the test of times, for better or for worst.