Thursday, February 19, 2015

3 Years - Clap, Clap Bravo!

Hola! Great day peeps. I woke up this morning with so much faith and trust in God. I was on such a high, that I didn't even realize today marked my three year anniversary as a blogger. Wooohoooo! Somebody say "par-tay." Three years to date, I stepped out on faith and decided to turn my mess into a ministry, my pain into a platform and provide a source of empowerment for people everywhere.
Covering topics such as fashion, love, faith and events; I have been privileged to share my world with you all and I am thankful for your continued support. Through these three years, my confidence has been enriched, my desire to please God enhanced and my purpose enlightened.

I have learned many lessons (lifeSTYLE tips) in this period. At this time I am led to share these two: Trust God and be comfortable with being YOU.

Tip One - Trusting God simply means that you trust His timing and the plan He has for your life. Point blank!

Tip Two - Be comfortable with being you. This is so important because so many people are afraid of being themselves for lack of acceptance. You don't have to ask people permission to be who God created you to be! You had a purpose long before people knew you had a talent/gift. Stop explaining yourself. Who is LaShannon Petit, you might ask.? I am a lover of Christ, a purpose influencer, a lover of all things empowering, a source of information, an avid reader who likes rap/hip hop music and someone who loves to dance. I dance in the shower, while washing dishes, in the car, in the mall, no place is off limits. I think you get the point lol...

Now, who are you? I want you to take time out this week, month and year to discover the real you. Hurry the world is waiting.