Monday, May 19, 2014

Miami Fashion Week: Meet Me In Miami

This past weekend I had the awesome privilege of covering Meet Me in Miami, a four day weekend getaway alongside Miami Fashion Week. The weekend was sponsored by Jones Magazine and hosted by Jambalaya Media Group. Meet Me in Miami (#MeetMeinMiami) was more than a weekend of fashion, beauty and style, but attendees received invaluable pearls of wisdom from powerhouses Cynthia Bailey from RHOA and Sarah Jakes, author and daughter of Bishop TD Jakes to name a few.

#MeetMeinMiami provided attendees who wouldn't normally attend Miami Fashion Week a glimpse of the fashion world, packed with workshops, housed at the illustrious W Hotel on South Beach. The week kicked off on Thursday, May 15 with a round table discussion on WMBM AM 1490 Radio Station "The Life of a PK" show hosted by Victoria Curry with guest speakers Sarah Jakes and other PK's, an ORS press conference and a red carpet event for the 16th Annual Miami Fashion Week at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Friday's schedule provided a series of workshops with leading beauty experts. In "The Hair Affair" workshop the energetic International hair stylist and ORS Ambassador Chris Curse stressed the importance of using organic products on your hair and how the ORS product line meets the needs of consumers. I had the opportunity to catch up with Chris and he shared with me some wonderful hair tips: Condition your hair regularly. Moisture happens inside and out. Be sure to oil the roots and ends of your hair. Sleep with a satin or bonnet cap to protect your hair. Don't be afraid to experiment with products. These hair tips are sure to last a lifetime. Can't wait to try ORS Curls Unleashed on my lovely locs. Mmmmh!

From hair tips we transitioned to "Walking in Confidence" with the sensational Cynthia Bailey, CEO of the Bailey Agency, producer Tyrone Barrington and agent Marcus Jackson. This workshop was one of my favorites. Cynthia's transparency was so inspirational. Simply stated, believe in yourself and believe that you are worthy of a good life. Surround yourself with people who are supportive, understand your vision and have their own vision. The rest of the panel encouraged us to be obedient. Listen to God's instruction.This workshop was so awesome that we went over time. Here's a snippet. How can you not walk in confidence after this? After I got myself together, because God was DEFINITELY speaking to me through this panel we received some useful makeup tips from MUA Rory in the "Beauty: Inside Out" workshop.

We concluded the day of workshops with an "Hour of Power" hosted by author Sarah Jakes. Sarah is on a nation wide tour promoting her new book, "Lost & Found." She shared with us her testimony through her life's detours. Through her words of hope we were encouraged that life can happen after a bad situation. One detour doesn't change your destination and there is strength in brokenness. #SHOUT When Sarah uttered that statement I almost shouted, actually I did internally lol. I was told this past week from a mentor of mines after a personal breakdown that God can really use you when you are broken. Isn't that powerful! When we are feeble that is when He is strong and can have his way in our life. Most importantly, Sarah instructed us to let God have our life. This is where I am in my life. Really giving my life over to God, not just in word, but in deed. Singing, "my life is not my own to whom I belong. I give myself. I give myself to you." I encourage you to purchase her book, "Lost & Found." I sure did. Can't wait to read it on tour this summer.

LET THE FASHION SHOW BEGIN. After the workshops we all headed to the Miami Beach Convention Center for the Jones Emerge Fashion Show hosted by Cynthia Bailey. Guess who had front row seats *raises hand*.  #FOGLife (Favor of God). The fashion show featured designers: the Wilbourn Sisters in ready to wear and swimwear designers Allusions by A. Lekay and G Saints. This fashion show was epic, because it featured all African-American designers. As an African-American wardrobe stylist this was a proud moment.

Saturday, Sonia Jackson Myles, founder of The Sister Accord presented "Teen Empowerment" Sisters Destined for Greatness, a workshop designed to cheer 100 girls toward their God-Given path to greatness and sisterhood. Upon my arrival I was asked to be the speaker alongside Sonia. What an honor and a privilege. Who would have known that the trails I have encountered these past two moths and past couple of years would prepare me for this moment. Definitely a move of God.

While the teen workshop was undergo in another workshop radio personality Jill Tracey of Hot 105 Love, Life and the 411 was hosting the Breathe Panel with panelist Tomi Tose  Sr. VP Sports & Entertainment Divsion at Opulence International Reality and author "Why Shouldn't Single Mothers Have It All, Lauriann Stepp, Holistic Professional Organizer and Khadija of Khadija's Wholistic Fitness, LLC, certified personal trainer and Nutrition Consultant. These ladies provided us with expert advice on how to live healthy lives by de-cluttering and turning anger into action and anguish.

Later that afternoon we enjoyed a Fashion Infusion Trunk Show featuring the designers from the Jones Emerge Fashion Show. Select the link for a live demonstration by Wilbourn Sisters.

A weekend getaway is not complete without tea and girl talk. #MeetMeinMiami attendees enjoyed Living Your Life's Purpose, High Tea and a book signing with vision surrogate Brenda Hill. Followed by a Meet & Greet with Bravo's Fashion Queens Bevy Smith.

The weekend closed on Sunday, May 18 with a Royale Brunch and a day of inspiration with Bevy Smith, Sonia Jackson Myles, ORS Executive Shannon Skipper Green and Patricia Boswell.
#MeetMeinMiami was a weekend of sharing, uplifting and inspiring women to position ourselves for greatness. A major s/o is extended to Jilllll Tracey for making this weekend happen for me. Love you mean it!

ORS Ambassador Chris Curse

Cynthia Bailey

Makeup by Rory Lee

Lost & Found by Sarah Jakes 

At Miami Fashion Week Jones Emerge Fashion Show


At the VIP Reception with Cynthia Bailey

Teen Empowerment Workshop with Sonia Jackson Myles

Jillllll Tracey at the Breathe Panel

Tomi Rose at the Breathe Panel

Fashion Infusion Trunk Show

Wilbourn Sisters Designs

Allusions by A. Lekay                          G Saints Swimwear                            Renee Fredrique

                                                  Meet Me in Miami next year!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Mother's Love

Compassionate, selfless, fearless, bodacious, and virtuous are all characteristics that describe my mother, Ernestine Mike-Petit. Affectionately known to many as Momma Petit, my mother is strength, courage under fire and a mother to many. 

In celebration of Mother's Day I wanted to honor my mother in a special way. As I think about my mother's love, I am reminded of my childhood traveling with the Miami-Dade Youth Council of the NAACP to the National Conventions without my mom. Momma Petit would place my daily allowance in a white envelope for each day that I was away, this is where the concept of being a steward over my finances and learning the purpose of a budget was developed. While growing up, my brother and I never went without anything. We had the best of everything! I have watched my mother work as a teacher, balance a household, participate in extra-curricular activities, endure countless eye surgeries all while maintaining a level head. Momma Petit kept us involved in extra-curricular, stressed the importance of education and taught us to effectively prepare for the future. My mother has always been a leader, often walking alone on issues that she felt was right. She has taught me to be courageous, possess my own mind and most importantly walk in my own lane.

Nothing can compare to a mother's love. I am grateful to my mother for keeping our family together, covering my dad and surrounding us with the best life had to offer. Even today I watched her work a miracle for me. 

No matter how old I get I will always treasure my mother's love. It is my prayer when God blesses me to be a wife and a mother I will be like Momma Petit, a relentless woman of God.

Happy Mother's Day to my cheerleader and grandmother of Styling Purpose. Thank you for your unconditional love and continued support!