Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Catch Flights, Not Feelings

On most Valentine’s Day I would feel some type of way about being single, not being in a committed relationship or not having a romantic valentine or date. But, I can honestly say that this year was different. Call it growth, healing, self-love, attitude shift or not choosing to focus on what was lost and not yet discovered. I went within myself (yes that is a thing, according to my line-sister lol) and decided that I wasn't going to allow this day to devalue my worth as a woman or my desire to be loved in an eros type of way. I received beautiful gifts from my parents, my forever Valentines, put on something sexy, paired it with a Michael Kors red lip and celebrated my girlfriends Birthday that night! Happy Birthday Quisha!

Thick thighs saving lives

On Valentine’s Day, we often ponder the romantic love that we have yet to acquire or "that person" we desire to be in a relationship with, but they're not quite ready or simply not interested. As a successful businesswoman and professional you're left to pontificate, if we can maneuver through the marketplace successfully, we should be able to navigate love with the same temperament. Not so much! It's just not that simple for some. Since God is still writing my love story and I keep trying to make edits (no lie), I decided that this V-Day was going to be different for me.

Forget being in my feelings on this LOVE Day and weekend - I'm catching a WHOLE flight to San Francisco, California to spend time with my girlfriend and Soror Petula! Yeaa baby! ... And this was one of the best decisions I could make!

What catching flights, not feelings looks like!

We so eloquently coined this trip as #bosschicksonbreak! And break, dance, laugh, drink wine and more wine was what we did! If I could relive this past weekend, over and over again I would. We had a blast! 

From the scenic views, the beautiful people and their dogs, San Fran has a variety to offer. We enjoyed dinning and eating at Fisherman Wharf, China Live, Park Tavern, Chloe's and shopping in Union Square. We visited Napa Valley on Saturday and with much anticipation made it to three wineries - V. Sattui, Robert Mondavi and Domaine Chandon. V. Sattui gave us so much life! Or maybe it was our server Ed??? He kept the wine flowing and we brought the laughs and twerks.

Our friend Ed

We met a random stranger (a Cauicasian male) at Mustards Grill in the valley who was intrigued by our conversation about love. Who in turn is hopelessly in love himself. I guess love is on everyone's mind - male, female, white and black! Also, I now understand why the people in California are so dxmn happy and friendly! Blame it on the wine! 

V. Sattui Winery


Robert Mondavi Winery


Domaine Chandon Winery

Pretty much sums up our Napa Valley experience - We're Litty Lit!

What was most significant about this girls trip is that we realized, as women, we're experiencing the same struggles in love, career, friendship and family. We must understand that we deserve the love we graciously give to others and must be cognizant that this love is powerful and shouldn't be given away so easily. I'm aware that you should always lead with love, but I'm shifting my approach to not think with my heart, but move with my mind. Moving different all 2019!

Hey P!

On my flight back to South Florida, I sat next to a couple who had been married for 47 years. The wife asked me if I was married and solicited a prayer for her single seat-mate. Yesss, I need all of the prayer warriors for this one! I am declaring and believing that love will find it’s way to me and you, just as everything good and perfect gift from God has made it's way!

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