Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Step In ...

Sunday, March 31 my parents celebrated 35 years of marriage. Who new that on the very next day, April 1 my dad would drive himself to the ER, be asked to stay for observation and not leave until Tuesday night. Emphasis on LEAVE!

While I waited with my daddy on Tuesday, he couldn't understand why the doctors and nurses were taking so long with his test results. He felt like he was fine and was more than ready to be in the comfort of his home. It had gotten to a point where he almost removed the IV from his arm and threatened to walk out. At this juncture, I had to call upper management, my momma to get him to relax and be patient! 

Eventually my poppa was discharged and I drove him home. On the way home,  I was providing my mother an update on the discharge when God illustrated a significant point. He showed me the lesson he was trying to show me through my father. The patience I needed my father to have with his hospital situation, was the very same patience God was requiring of me in my season of singleness. Really God! So you're going to use one of my heartbeats to make a point. I get it! I need to patient. I need to trust the process. I need not to take matters into my own hands. I need to trust you whole heartedly. I need to wait for the results to come back after you have diagnosed my heart, healed it, and directed me to a safe space to love again.

Last week God dropped in my spirit, that my singleness journey was not a punishment, but a process. A process that can't be overridden or overlooked, but necessary for the victory on the other side of this temporary season! Ladies and gentleman, it's how you wait that matters! How will you wait for God to send your mate? What does waiting for your mate look like for you? Are you traveling, investing in your personal and professional development? Are you living your best life? Will you wait for them with expectancy? I dream and expect a love so pure, honest, loving, divinely connected, intimate, romantic, meaningful, purposeful, empowering, uplifting and perfect for us. I speak as if I'm boo'd up already! "I look forward to bae and I traveling together and I can't wait for bae and I to try this new brunch spot". That's how I'm speaking prophetically in this second quarter of 2019!

I realized recently that I was attracting the quality of men in my life according to the value and worth that I saw in myself. Now that was moment! Let me get these vibes together, so my honey can walk into my life with his fine, smart, Godly self!

As I invest in my personal development, I'm reading the book "Believe Bigger" by Marshawn Evans Daniels. In one of her aha chapters (because the entire book is fye), she states,  "He will show up when you step in".  I am stepping fully into my calling of empowering men and women in the area of love and business. 

On Sunday, March 31 God not only showed his had in my parents marriage, but He also provided me with hope on my own personal journey. Love is for me and I will obtain the love I desire in His timing. 

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